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Welcome to CTV's official website, cchsctv.com: your online portal to everything CTV. Class information and full episodes of our weekly show are all available right here. CTV, or Cowboy Television, is an in-house T.V. station run entirely by students under the direction of CTV President, Hayley Hudson, and the help of our advisor, Mr. Alfredo Pichardo. By broadcasting on Channel 21 to 2,500+ students at CCHS we try our hardest to keep the school updated on current news surrounding the school and community.

Although we televise Cooper City High's video Bulletin Board, videos from Broward County Schools, and other special presentations, we are best known for our signature show, CTV News. New episodes of CTV air every Friday on channel 21 at 2:15 PM. Our 15 minute show is packed with interesting news and sports journalism, as well as entertaining sketch comedy. Other than airing to our school every Friday, we host numerous webcasts for school sporting events, including basketball and football. Every year our crew travels to the Student Television Network national competition and we have returned home with numerous awards and recognitions. We work to improve our show and skills every day in order to keep our reputation and title as "The Best Weekly School News Show in the United States." This school year brings many new faces to the CTV crew, and they will work hard to show their talents as filmmakers, actors and journalists to the student body of Cooper City High School and even the nation. Every week we put in all of our efforts to impress our peers and the advisor and we hope you sincerely enjoy the shows.

To learn more about CTV, just check out one of our episodes! Click here to view our video page and remember to remind your 7th Period teacher to turn on the TV every Friday at 2:15! If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you! Click here to send us an e-mail as we are always working to make CTV better.

Hayley Hudson
CTV President 2014-2015

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Hayley Hudson

Halle Kilman
Vice President

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Asst. Vice President

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Business Manager

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